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Simple, yet powerful features

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Advanced analytics

Make better decisions with real-time data driven analytics.

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Employee Empowering

Give ownership and responsibility to your employees with our mobile first, employee-centric designs.

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Realtime reports

Know your costs, identify stellar employees, and gain visibility within your entire process with our generated reports.

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Visibility and Accountability

Know exactly what is happening in your facility - anywhere, anytime. Change priorities and empower decision makers on the fly.

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Define Process

Create custom workflows to automate your productivity and iterate quickly on facility priorities.

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Propel productivity with our integrations between METRC, LeafLink, Slack and Email.

Start tracking your employee time to increase your efficiency and outputs

All-in-one analytics tool

Drill down into batches to understand your costs and profits for every stage of your products. Analytics are delivered in real time and driven by employees.

Monitor batch costs

Make better decisions by know exactly how your batches are going at any given time. Metrics are driven by employees in real-time so there's no need for a supervisor to follow them around collecting start and end times of jobs.

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Employee driven means more accurate data
Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
Realtime batch analytics
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Measure what matters

Analyze user activity

Maintain a peace of mind for every batch you start. User actions are tracked and outputs are monitored. When was the last time you could sit on the couch and know exactly what is going on in your facility?

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Employee accountability
Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
Increase efficiency over time
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Visibility into your entire facility

Designed for all use cases

Run your facility from your couch. Manage tasks, monitor employees and run analytics on batches. You can do it from your phone at any time.

Task Management

Mobile friendly and built for employees to make task management simple.

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Know all of your inner workings at any given time.

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Measure what matters with easy data collection and batch level reporting.

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Hear what our amazing customers say

"There's no way we could run without Hashio"

We've scaled our production to 5x what it was last year and it would be absolute chaos without Hashio.

Matt Campbell
CEO of Bison Infused

"With Hashio, our effiency has absolutely soared."

We were living in Google Sheets and it was a nightmare. We swapped over to Hashio and I can finally breathe again.

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You, probably
CEO of Your Manufacturing Facility

"Literally saving our lives"

Hashio has increased our productivity so much that we've moved from "just surviving" to actually thriving in this booming industry.

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You, probably
Manufacturing Lead at Your Facility
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