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Meet Hashio's First Customer

It’s clear that investing in software like Hashio can pay off in big ways for manufacturing companies.

Meet Matthew Campbell, the CEO of Bison Infused, a company specializing in the production of infused beverages. Matthew recently made a smart decision by using Hashio, a software that helps manage batch processes and provides complete insight into employee activity in manufacturing facilities. He was able to save over $100,000 from the data he was able to use.

“I didn’t know that we were spending that much on packaging,” says Matthew. “So, I bought a packaging machine and it’s going to save us thousands of dollars per week. Hashio is worth it for that single data point alone. But that’s not all it’s done for us.”

The impact of Hashio on Bison Infused has been significant. By implementing Hashio, Matthew was able to track every step of the production process, from raw materials to finished products, and the software helped him identify inefficiencies that were costing the company money. Hashio helped him to manage batch processes more effectively, reducing waste and improving the quality of the final product.

Moreover, Hashio also gave Matthew complete visibility into employee activity in the manufacturing facility. He was able to identify areas where employee training was needed, as well as employees who were not following procedures correctly. This increased accountability and reduced the risk of errors in the production process.

Matthew also found that Hashio helped him to comply with regulatory requirements. The software allowed him to track every step of the production process, making it easier to provide documentation to regulatory authorities. This saved him time and effort, as he no longer had to manually collect and organize this data.

Overall, Matthew is very pleased with the results he has seen since implementing Hashio. “It’s amazing how much insight we gained into our production processes and employee activity,” he says. “We were able to make changes that not only saved us money but also improved the quality of our products. I would definitely recommend Hashio to any manufacturing company looking to optimize their processes and increase their efficiency.”

Hashio has proven to be a valuable asset for Bison Infused, helping the company to identify inefficiencies in their production processes, improve quality control, increase employee accountability, and comply with regulatory requirements. With the help of Hashio, Matthew has been able to scale effectively and make significant improvements to the company’s bottom line. "It’s clear that investing in software like Hashio can pay off in big ways for manufacturing companies."

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